The Deck List

The deck list is the screen you see when you start AnkiMobile. It displays a list of your card decks, and provides buttons for performing various actions.

Next to each deck, two numbers are displayed. The top, green number corresponds to how many cards are due to be reviewed again today. On a deck you’ve never studied before, there won’t be any cards waiting for review. The second, blue number, corresponds to how many new cards you have to learn today. Anki will introduce 20 new cards a day by default, and you can customize this number in the deck options if you’d like.

To study cards in a deck, simply tap on the deck, and AnkiMobile will switch to study mode.

If you wish to rename or delete a deck, swipe your finger from right to left over it, and buttons will appear.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see four buttons.

  • The question mark opens this help page

  • The graph icon opens the deck statistics screen.

  • The magnifying glass opens the card browser.

  • The gear/cog opens the preferences screen.

On the bottom of the screen, there are two more buttons. Add/Export allows you to download shared decks, add/create an empty deck, and import/export .apkg files from iTunes. Synchronize synchronizes your cards with the cloud.

The synchronize button will change color if you have made changes that need to be synchronized to AnkiWeb, or if changes are waiting on AnkiWeb that need to be synchronized to the device. One of the changes that Anki synchronizes to other clients is the current deck, so tapping on a deck will change the button color, even if you do not study any cards.