Shared Decks

From AnkiWeb

To download a shared deck directly to your mobile device:

  1. Ensure you’re connected to the internet.

  2. Tap Add/Export on the bottom left.

  3. Choose Shared Deck List. AnkiWeb will open.

  4. Select a category, or type in a search.

  5. Tap on a deck you’d like to study.

  6. Scroll down and tap Download.

  7. Safari will start downloading the file

  8. When it’s done, tap on the blue download arrow in Safari, then Downloads.

  9. Tap on the file, and Open in Anki if prompted..

  10. When the import completes, your deck should be ready to study.

Other Sources

If you've downloaded a shared deck from another website, or received it in an email or messaging app:

  1. Tap on the file.
  2. Locate the "Open In" or "Share" icon, and select AnkiMobile from the available options.