The Study Screen

If you have not used Anki on a computer before, please have a look at the first intro video before reading on, as it explains the basic review process.

When you tap on a deck in the deck list, the study screen will load, and if any cards are waiting to be studied, a card’s question will be shown to you.

If you wish to change to a different deck, you can do so by tapping the top left button. The next three buttons allow you to add cards, edit the current card, and search/browse all cards.

The gear/cog in the bottom right will open up the tools screen.

On the bottom of the screen you’ll see three numbers. From the left, these correspond to new cards, learning cards, and cards to review. These are explained in more detail in the intro videos for the desktop program, so please check them out if you haven’t already.

When you’ve looked at a card’s question and remembered the answer, or decided you don’t know it, tap anywhere in the card area in order to show the answer. When you do, the bottom area will change to display 2-4 answer buttons, depending on how you’ve answered the card previously. The buttons will display the time a card will next be shown, so 10m means "10 minutes" and "5d" means "5 days". You can tap directly on these buttons to choose a particular answer.

To make reviewing faster, you can also tap on the card in order to answer it. For more information on the available taps and how to customize them, please see the taps section.

If you are studying content for which it is useful to sketch something before showing the answer on the card (e.g., characters in a foreign language), AnkiMobile provides a feature called the 'scratchpad' (the analogous feature is called the 'whiteboard' in AnkiDroid). You can enable the scratchpad by tapping on the tools button, then "Scratchpad".

When you’ve finished the cards that are due to be studied today, you’ll be shown a congratulations message. If you have other decks, you can tap the top left button to return to the decks list and select a different one.

You can tap the home button to close Anki and save your progress at any time, whether you have completed the day’s reviews or not.

If you have a bluetooth keyboard, you can use the keyboard to review. Space will show the answer or answer Good, and 1-4 will choose the answer buttons. You can also press 'r' to repeat the audio on the current card.